iya got sick for the first time

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Misang's Baby Iya

This is just an update on my previous post. Apparently, the simple cold turned into a cough and cold with slight fever. It’s her first time to get sick. She didn’t sleep well and can’t eat well because of clogged nose.  She hates the spray so much but it works so I had to spray her nose amidst all the crying and wailing to help her breathe better. She even had slight fever that night which really worried me.

I decided to bring her to the pedia on a Sunday. Since her pedia is not around on Sundays, I brought her to another Doc coz I really can’t stand the coughing and crying and I can’t wait until Monday. She also lost some weight; you can feel it when you hold her because she seemed lighter and thinner. She didn’t want to be away from me and cries really hard every time I put her down or leave the room.

the super kulit baby became matamlay

with Kool Fever on her forehead

The Doc gave her antibiotic drops and mucolytic infant drops. She has been taking it for four days now and I see improvements. Why is it so difficult to make infants drink their meds? It’s just so frustrating every time she throws up after making her finish up the medicines. So what I did is I mixed her antibiotic and mucolytic with separate servings of cerelac. She ate it naman but I have to turn the TV on or play with her para lang malibang sya at di nya malasahan yun gamot sa food nya.

She’s ok now. The tamlay feeling went on for just two days and she’s up and playing again. She still has sipon up to now so I still use the Nasal spray. She will drink her meds until Saturday pa to.

Please get well soon baby. I love you.


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