cloth diaper – day 1

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Misang's Motherhood Journey

I’ve been always thinking of using cloth diapers on Iya. I just don’t know how to start or if I can sustain it. For sure, disposable diapers are way too convenient for modern moms like you and me.  Before I start babbling, here are some great reasons to switch to cloth diapers from

It’s economical.
Cloth diapers can be used over and over again.  Our diapers cost 300@ for size small, 325@ for medium and 350@ for large.  But even at these prices it’s still cheaper to buy cloth diapers.
Why? If you change disposable diapers 12 times a day and keep doing that for a year, this is what it will cost you:
  • Drypers: PhP7/pc = PhP30,576/year
  • EQ Dry: PhP6/pc = PhP26,208/year
  • Huggies PhP9/pc = PhP39,312/year
  • Kimbies: Dry PhP6/pc = PhP26,208/year
  • Pampers Comfort: PhP7/pc = PhP30,576/year
  • Pampers Baby Dry: PhP8.25/pc = PhP36,036/year
  • ProKids: PhP6/pc = PhP26,208/year
It’s healthier for your baby.
According to the Journal of Pediatrics, 54% of one-month old babies using disposable diapers had rashes.
Plus cloth diapers don’t contain toxic chemicals like:
  • SODIUM POLYACRYLATE. This is the chemical, added in powder form to the inner pad of a disposable, that makes it super-absorbent.
  • DIOXIN. This is the chemical by-product of the paper-bleaching process, using chlorine gas, in the manufacturing of diapers.
  • TRIBUTYL TIN. An environmental pollutant, considered highly toxic, that spreads through the skin and has a hormone-like effect in the smallest concentrations.
It’s better for the environment.
Disposable diapers promote aggressive consumption of both renewable and non-renewable resources and overburden landfills.
Do you know that it takes 550 years for disposable diapers to decompose?

I never really considered using cloth diapers when I had Iya. The main reason is convenience. I always see my stepmom washing dirty lampins of my baby sister almost the whole day, and I was like thinking that it’s such a waste of time washing lampins when it’s more convenient to just throw away a disposable one when it’s already soiled, not knowing that 8 months later I’ll decide to do the same. But why?

Just because Iya had rashes on her bums and I decided not to use diapers today until her rashes were gone. And then I thought this would be the perfect time to test if I can do cloth-diapering. She wore it folded like a sanitary napkin inserted inside her panties, like those modern cloth diapers we see today. And it’s not difficult at all. What I did is after changing, I wash the lampin right away so the stain won’t stick to the fabric. Bird’s eye is loosely woven naman so it’s not hard to wash. When she pooped, which is a bit messy, I just placed the soiled cloth under running water to get rid of the poop then soak it for a while in water with detergent before brushing. It’s not hard naman pala. I only have 4 lampins so need to buy na lang maybe 4 or 6 more pieces of lampin so I don’t need to wash every soiled cloth right away. Yes it’s added laundry but I wash Iya’s clothes everyday so a piece or two of bird’s eye won’t hurt.

There are also modern cloth diapers like the ones I see in Next9 the Tushy Wushy and the Next9 One-size cloth diapers I saw on Mama.Baby.Love.

Tushy Wushy (photo from

Next9 One-Sized Cloth Diapers (photo from Mama.Baby.Love)

These diapers may cost you a fortune at the start but you will see the return-of-investment once you got the hang of cloth diapering. Well today, I am proud to say that I already saved almost 25 Pesos for using the lampin (water and detergent are nothing compared to the cost of disposable diaper). That 25 Pesos is equivalent to 3 Huggies diaper changes, coz she pooped twice. By the way, I spend almost 700-800 pesos for diapers every month!

I’m not going to take this cloth diapering seriously. She’ll just use the lampin at daytime when t home and wear diapers at night and when we go out.

Oh, give me a month for this lampin thing then I’ll decide to purchase those cute modern cloth diapers.

Day 1 – Successful!


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