iya’s first non-immunization pedia visit

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Misang's Baby Iya

We usually just visit her Pedia when it’s time for her immunization. Well, even a breastfed baby like Iya is also vulnerable to common diseases like colds, or fever…I mean they’re not super babies but I know babies who were fed with breastmilk have stronger immune system than their formula-fed counterpart. Oh well, she caught colds, maybe due to the ever-changing weather. She had clogged nose last night and has difficulty in feeding so I decided to bring her to the Doc.

still cheerful even when she’s sick

Doc prescribed Nasal Spray for her clogged nose (and Iya hates this..a lot!)

Oh please don’t get sick again…Love you Iya! :)


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