babywearing experience

Posted: September 4, 2011 in Misang's Motherhood Journey
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Finally we were able to use the our Indigo Baby pouch. All I can say is that BABYWEARING IS A SKILL that needs lots of practice so that you and your baby will be comfortable using it.

And I can now say that using this pouch is more comfy than just carrying your baby in your arms but more fun than having your baby sit in a stroller. It’s almost hands-free (Iya is so malikot) kaya I can carry some of our stuff. A bit difficult lang when your baby starts to get tired of sitting on your hips and begins to wriggle out of the pouch. I even used it to carry Iya while she’s asleep kaya less ngawit compared to carrying the baby in your arms kasi the pouch carries most of the baby’s weight, though you still have to support the head.

Can’t wait for our next practice (a.k.a. Malling) 🙂


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