We’re Leaving on a Jetplane

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Misang in Papua New Guinea, Misang's Travels

We’re leaving. Anytime soon. Even I, don’t know the exact date. Hubby just told us the good news that the company he’s working with already approved the processing of our visa.

Of course I’m happy. We’ll be with hubby anytime soon. I can still remember the day he left. And now, we’ll be the one leaving.

I’m excited. It’s my first time to travel abroad. I’m excited to be with my husband. Our family will be together again. Am excited to see what Papua New Guinea looks like (but not expecting too much).

Am excited. And at the same time scared. Scared of what’s in store for us. Scared of how we’re gonna live in a foreign country. Of how to raise a child in a different culture. It’s not like Canada, or US, in which you have relatives or friends to help you out.

And being a shoppingera, or gala queen that I am, hubby gave me a lot of warnings- no McDonalds or KFC, the biggest mall there is just slightly bigger than an average SM Hypermarket, not a lot of tourist spots to go to, dangerous locals (as if the people here are not dangerous), expensive internet rates even if he works in the major ISP company there (this one made me sad, this means no more everyday facebooking and less blogging), no daddy, no brother, no ninang bebe and cousins to go to when I’m bored.

The bright side is we’ll be together there as a family, hubby, mummy, and Iya. Plus the bright future for our daughter. The family we left behind, or for my case, will be leaving behind, we know they will be fine here with their own families.

I’ve seen some of my closest family go and sure, it’s sad to be the one left behind. It will now be my turn to go, so now could someone please tell me how it feels if you’re the one leaving?

  1. when i’m about to leave i felt very excited for that day to come, coz new experience new life is waiting for me on a foreign land but when the time comes you just cant hide the true feelings one simple smile or nod from your love ones would really fall your tear apart, so be prepared on that day and dont forget your hanky or tissue becoz you will really miss the people with you all your life.

    • marissatupino says:

      Haha! Thank you naman for the prompt reply..hehe I’ll keep your advise in mind and my hanky in hand 🙂

  2. Ruth says:

    I am happy for the good news sis, that you and Iya will be joining my brother soon. Much so because i know it will be a lot easier for jhay to work knowing he has his wife and daughter to come home to. And surely no matter where you are, there is no great sadness can come as long as you are with the persons closest to your heart. I am sad at the same time because of the uncertainty of our reunion when i come home next year, there will surely be some udjustments on our vacation dates for me, allen and jhay, however, i know we can arrange this matter when that time comes and we will definitely get together in the Phils. For now, i wish you goodluck and have yourself and Iya emotionally, mentally and physically prepared for a different environment and way of living. I’m sure with you and jhay together, you can make your world a better and happy place to live in no matter where you are. Just always ask for our Lord’s guidance and care for He knows that everything you do and sacrificing for is for your family and for the good future of your daughter. Keep me posted on the succeeding
    events ok. Love yah and Iya. Godbless! mwuah!

    • marissatupino says:

      Thanks Ate for the encouragement. We’ll see you soon. And we’ll definitely keep ypu posted. Godbless! 🙂

  3. karla says:

    maarte ako mama eh, the first time im leaving PH, ang nasa isip ko lang makikita ko na ulit si galman! haha, lantod but its true! haha — it is just eventually when im starting a life here that i realize, i miss some of the things satin. but staying here gives me a big chance of dreaming big not only for me but my whole family as well. sabi nga nila hindi madali maging OfW, but part of it is very fulfilling especially uve been able to give what u think is best for your family. remember, u may not have ur dad, friends, brother at kung sino pa na nakasanayan u lagi paggising u sa pinas, atleast ur hubby and iya is with you.. iba pa din ang buo ang family, and with that u can overcome all the burdens of life!

    mama, layo-layo man tau.. alam kp babalik din tau sa PH because its our HomE.. until that day, til we meet again!! muahhh!**

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