Julia – The Past 7 Months

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Misang's Baby Iya

As promised, here’s a post about the past 7 months of Julia. I made a scrapbook for her every month documenting her milestones. I will split this into several parts so that you wont get bored of just looking at the photos.

This is our first glimpse of Julia. This ultrasound photo was taken last October 2010. The Ultrasound was for us to determine her gender and surprisingly, she showed her face!

Our Christmas photo taken December 2010. See me? I’m so maga na for eating lots of sweets…I so love the Holidays!

At last! Our Julia has arrived! Read my birthing story here

Welcome to the Christian World Julia! Don’t worry I’ll do another post for all your Ninongs and Ninangs with their photos

We celebrated your first month at Lola’s house in Makati. We had pizza and your leftover cake as your handa.

We transferred to Bulacan shortly after your first month (February 11 to be exact). Daddy has to live separately from us since then coz he had to work. He only comes home every Friday night and has to leave again on Monday mornings. It’s so sad but we have to do it coz I need the help of my relatives to raise you. It’s a big sacrifice for me and your dad, especially to your dad coz he won’t be able to take care of you always. This is one of his great mornings with you.

We celebrated your 2nd month in Bulacan, at Lola Baby’s house. Also celebrated Ninong Benok’s birthday. You also got your ears pierced the day before you turned two months

Your 3rd month was also celebrated in Bulacan, but this time, we celebrated it in our house. This is your last celebration with Daddy coz two weeks after that, he went to Papua New Guinea to work.

Our bonding time with Daddy before he left

The day daddy left. Such a sad day but you don’t remember anything yet coz you’re still a baby.

You first started to roll to your side. This is not the first-time picture though. Since then, I never left you on our bed while you are awake and playing with the fear that you might fall on our bed. (ouch! lagot ako kay daddy)

We attended your cousin Calian Adriel’s first birthday at Jollibee The Fort. Well, today is not just his birthday celeb, it’s your 4th month celebration too! You also met your cousin Jaz, son of your Tita Lorie and Tito Jay. This is your first monthly birthday without daddy.

It’s your 4th month birthday!

One of the milestones I’ve been itching to experience…feeding you your first solid food. Although you’re not in your 6th month yet, the Pedia already gave me the go-signal to feed you. Yipee!

Another milestone…the day you finally learned to lie on your tummy. Scary at first coz I see you struggle everytime you do it but I just let you do your thing. Eventually you became comfortable lying in your tummy.

These photos were taken on Mother’s Day. We didn’t go anywhere. We just stayed at home and chatted with daddy.

This is your 5th month birthday. You look great in that pink shirt. You know what, I just bought that from a tyangge but because you’re so cute, the shirt didn’t look cheap on you (hehe). Anyway, we went to SM Baliwag along with some of our relatives and treated them to lunch. Sorry baby, no cake this time! :)

You finally met Tito Allen and Ninang Ruth

Your 6th month birthday was celebrated at Lola’s house again in Makati. This is also our despedida party for Ninang Ruth coz she’ll be returning to Dubai the following day.

I’ll end this post with our cyber-celebration of Father’s Day.


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