My Iya turns 7 months

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Misang's Baby Iya


It has been a habit for us to celebrate Iya’s monthly birthday. It’s so good to see that she’s growing up to be a pretty little baby.

Now that she has turned 7 months, here are the stuff that she has already learned from her 6th month:

*learned to roll over to both sides
*learned to crawl a bit
*learned to get my attention by crying or shouting, or calling out mamama
*she’s now able to sit up on her bouncer
*learned how to say boo,tata,  mama, and papa
*she now reaches for her toys and can transfer them from one hand to another
*can now sit up straight with support
*has tasted sayote, carrots, squash, lugaw, and marie biscuit
*learned how to make paulan (blowing of saliva)
*she can now also play with rattles on her own
*already learned to drink from sippy cup

I’m so glad that Iya is growing up to be a healthy baby. She never had fever (except the one-day fever after her immunization). I still continue to breastfeed her (and have no plans to stop) along with all the solid food she is now allowed to eat.

Am now preparing for the things she’ll be learning on her 7th month. One major milestone is teething. She’s already showing signs of teething and is already biting my nipples (ouch!). Oh how I wish those little teeth would just grow out of her gums without her having to go through all the pain of teething.

I’ll end this post by showing her Watch Me Grow photo.



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