Posted: July 25, 2011 in Everything Misang
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Do you know what this is?

This is the INUTAK. Well, I’m from Bulacan and I really haven’t heard it before. The first picture that entered my mind is brain of a certain animal cooked like Bopis. Then they told me that it goes well with sorbetes. I was like “what???!” (ok, OA). Anyway, according to description, it is made from baked mixture of sugar, galapong, coconut milk and glutinous rice powder. I got a recipe from this site.

I was really intrigued so my mother-in-law bought one from the market. By the way, my husband is from Pembo, Makati and grew up eating Inutak. So, I finally got to taste it and the verdict? IT’ S SUUUUPEEER YUUUUMMMYYY! And it’s true, the perfect pair for this is ice cream, especially the cheese, langka, or ube-flavored ones. It taste like Bulacan’s ginataang halo-halo which I grew up with.


I even introduced it to my relatives in Malolos and they loved it too.

As of this writing, I’m currently eating ice cream with Inutak, leftovers from yesterday’s birthday party. Hmf! Bad for my diet (but it’s worth it).


  1. Ahyie says:

    oh hi! you’re maloleña rin? this looks yummy.. I want to try but I dont know where to buy..:-)

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