Products I Love – Hush Liquid Talc

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Misang's Motherhood Journey

I love the smell of my baby even of she smells like spoiled milk. But we wanted our babies to always smell baby- fresh so I put baby powder on my baby especially after bathing. But I’m always worried that even though how careful I am in putting powder to her, she can still inhale the powder and it might expose her to the risks of respiratory problems.

I also love joining online photo contests in Facebook and I came across the Babyland Cute Baby Contest. Of course I submitted Iya’s photo and while browsing the contest details,I read that one of the minor prizes is the Hush Liquid Talc


I immediately became interested in this product. This is what I need as a replacement for baby powder. As soon as I got the chance to hit the mall, I went looking for the Babyland Store in Glorietta (located at Kidzone, 3rd Level, G2) and bought (not one but) three bottles immediately. When we got home, I used it on Iya when I freshened her up.

Well, it smells good. It has the consistency of a lotion. It’s quick-drying and not sticky (except for maybe on hot and humid days). When it dried up, you can feel its powdery soft “feel” on your skin. I love this product! I just hope my baby will not be allergic to this.

Hush liquid talc costs P275 for a 75ml bottle. A bit pricey compared to Johnson’s Baby Powder but it’s a must-try product.

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disclaimer: personal review only. I paid for the item on this post.


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