Products I Love – The Magic Jars

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Misang's Motherhood Journey
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Eversince I became a member of the N@W, a lot of online shops has opened for me. In this post, I’ll blog about these “Magic Jars” that I recently purchased. I decided to buy these because of the good reviews for these products, plus I need something more gentle for my baby (especially for insect bites), not something like the smell-like-an-oldie Katinko (haha, I’m the one using this).

Jar of Hope First Aid Gel


The Jar of Hope First Aid Gel is one of their bestsellers. It’s made out of blue chamomile essential oil. Blue chamomile is the most healing of all chamomiles due to its azulene content. It says that it’s great for mommy and daddy burnouts, stress, insomnia, fussy babies, insect bites, motion sickness, inflammation, (relieves puffy eyes from sleepless nights) rashes, cuts and wounds. Also helpful with teething.

Have already tried it with my baby when she got bruised while trying to crawl. I just put the gel on her elbow and massaged a little and a few hours the redness has lessened. It has a very relaxing smell too so I’m gonna use it again and again.

Another best-seller is the Jar of Love Healing Balm made from Peppermint pure essential oils. This minty superstar gel is great for cold, fever, flu, jet lag, motion sickness among other things related to caring for your little ones or yourself when times are rough.

I so love the yummy peppermint smell. Can give you instant lift during those gloomy rainy days or a relaxing night rub before going to sleep. I use Jar of Love on Iya during our night massage before she goes to sleep and I noticed that she sleeps longer and she’s less fussy. It’s the love rub with a touch of peppermint. 🙂

These two items are available at Indigo Baby

disclaimer: personal review only. I paid for all items on this post. and ducky not included. 🙂


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