It’s my 6th month of breastfeeding Iya (and still counting). But thanks to these gears, I was able to continue nursing Iya anytime, anywhere.

1. Nursing Bra

These were my first nursing items- a So-en skin-tone drop down and Sogo black drop-down nursing bras. I still use them up to now, especially the So-En one.

drop down

I only own 3 nursing bras, and been planning on investing on good ones. Nursing bras aren’t only meant for nursing, you can still use it even if you stop nursing, which is one of my considerations in buying one. When buying a bra, try to look for the bra which can give you easy access for nursing, one which you can do with one hand. My So-en bra was the most-used because the hook makes it easy for me to use it against my So-go bra which is so difficult to use.

this one’s a bit difficult to unhook

Am planning to purchase more nursing bra’s in the future. This online shop, Mama.Baby.Love has a wide array of brands and styles to choose from, such as Fabulous Mom, Mamaway, La Leche League Intimates, and Bravado among others.

There are other styles of nursing bra which I am considering to buy



criss cross

By the way, the first bras I had were bought by hubby himself. 🙂

2. Nursing Cover

I bought one because I had problems then with nursing in public. I bought mine at SM Baby Company. It’s a breastfeeding bib that comes with a pillow.

my nursing bib

you use it like this

I’m not using this anymore coz I have discovered more efficient ways to cover up my nursing act, and my baby’s not comfy with this when she nurses, which always ends up to exposing me more. The pillow was the most used and the bib is now her “kumot”. There goes my 700+ pesos.

For those who want to buy a breastfeeding cover, try to check out Indigo Baby’s BONCHO. It’s cheaper, and because it’s locally made, the fabric is more comfy and really suitable for our tropical climate. It can also be a part of your wardrobe because this boncho can be worh 15 ways. Sigh…why didn’t I see this before?

3. Nursing Bandeau (Blissful Babes)

This one I bought online from Indigo Baby for Php 450 a piece. I go bra-less at home (coz it’s more comfy) but sometimes my boobies just get too heavy so the bandeau is the answer. It’s stretchable, one size fits all, and has removable pads. Way better than going bra-less.

4. Nursing Tanks

This is the more efficient public nursing cover up (for me). You may wear it alone or under your blouse. You may not wear a bra with this tank coz it already has removable pads, also providing great support. It’s easy access and provides good coverage; once unhooked, it will only show the areola part of the breast. It also covers the tummy part so the body is not exposed anymore.

Tara Nursing Tank

I bought mine at Mama.Baby.Love and I so love it that I’m going to buy the other designs too.

Another type of nursing tank is the Undercover Mama. Pretty much the same as the Tara tank but it’s more flexible – you can use it with your other nursing bras. Too bad it’s not available for now, but here’s how it looks like

how to undercover

There. When I started my nursing journey, I never knew any of these products. Thanks to the ever-dependable internet and the know-it-all Google, moms like me have more options and more access to these life-saving items. Although these were great, am still in search for more BF-friendly items. 🙂

disclaimer: I paid for the items featured in this post. Items featured here are the ones that I actually use.


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