TotSeat Portable Chair Harness

Posted: July 10, 2011 in Misang's Motherhood Journey
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My baby just turned 6 months…it just means she can now eat solid food. Another milestone for our baby. She can also now sit but with support.

We mothers are in constant search of things, equipment, gadgets, etc., that will be helpful for us and make babysitting a breeze. While strolling in SM Department store, shempre sa baby section (naging favorite spot ko na to sa mall eversince I was pregnant), to look for baby carriers, I saw this product sa Baby Company. It’s the TotSeat Portable Chair Harness. Before kasi ang option ko is to buy a high chair para pag kumakain na si Iya. When I saw this one, I suddenly had another option for Iya’s eating chair.

Sa features naman, It can fit most chairs na may likod. Adjustable din for low back chairs. You can place it even sa chairs with rounded back rest. It’s foldable (can fit into your baby bag), washable, and most of all it’s handy and it’s portable. I’ll be able to bring it anywhere. So I think it’ll be better than buying a bulky high chair. Additionally, I can also bring this when we go out like sa mall. Pwede sa mga usual chairs sa mga resto. Not all restos kasi provide high chairs for kids. Iya looks so cute in it and she looked very comfortable and seems to be having fun sitting on a chair like the rest of the family

When it comes to safety, please read the instructions before using this para you can assemble it correctly. Also, don’t leave your child unattended even for a moment. Also make sure that the chair is sturdy enogh for the baby to sit on. And make sure na din to always check if the item is still in good condition before using. When using items especially for babies, put safety on the top priority. I don’t have to worry about this product because it carries the CAPT (Child Accident Prevention Trust) Logo

Here are the pictures:

the front when attached to the chair

this is how it looks like at the back

Iya sitting on the dining chair with the TotSeat

If the back of the chair is kinda high, like our chair, I suggest you place a pillow under for a more comfortable sitting position. Also if the chair has no cushions or foams, place a small pillow at the back to avoid bumping the head

This product can be really helpful sa mga parents like me. I just hope the product can last really long, even after being washed several times. The stitches din naman are ok with me but papa-add ko na lang ng another layer para mas durable.

The price naman, I bought mine sa SM North Edsa Department Store for Php 1,999.75. Kinda pricey but cheaper that buying a high chair.

For more info on this item, log on to

Facebook page: Totseat (Philippines)

disclaimer: this is not an advertisement. personal review only.


I found a product similar to this in Indigo Baby. They call it the Handy Dandy Chair Wrap. You may want to check it out. It’s much cheaper than the Totseat.

Also try to check out My Little Seat Travel High Chair from Pinoy Baby Store It costs P1200.


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