Yey! Our first mommy-baby activity.

We attended the Babywearing meet last July 2, 2011 at Starbucks Drive-thru in Fort Boni. The event was hosted by Ms. Benz Co-Rana. It was one of the activities of the Yahoo group Newlyweds at Work, more popularly known as N@W. I was once a member of the other group Weddings at Work (W@W) and now that I’m already married, I joined this group for married couples.

We arrived at Starbucks around 1030 and I was welcomed by the sound of crying babies and mommies wearing their babies. I was so amazed by the number of people who attended the event. It’s my first time to attend a N@W event so I’m kinda shy to approach the other mommies. I just looked for Ms. Benz to introduce myself and then she gave me my super cute name tag.

my nametag

The event was all about how to wear your baby by the use of ring slings, SaYa carrier, etc. I’ve seen mommies using the sling but I haven’t tried one. Few days before the event, I planned on buying the sling. I was thankful I didn’t buy right away kasi at the event, when Ms. Pam of Bosom Buddies tried the sling on Iya, she cried talaga. Parang di sya comfy sa loob ng sling. Maybe the sling is not really for everyone. We’ll just stick muna to our good old carrier. At least we tried and we really had fun in the event kahit sandali lang kami dun. Sana next time the new mommies will be introduced to the older members para maka-participate din kami. And the event could be more successful kung mas organized and mas malaking venue. 🙂

Iya on bottom left while Ms. Pam is showing us how to use the sling (photo from Ms. Benz)

To read more about the event, click on the following links:

Babywear Meet 2 – the aftermath

Babywearing goes Boom!



I also got my Breastfeed Button Pin from Ms. Benz

I pinned the button on Iya’s hat kasi sya yung nagsasabi na “Got Mommy?”


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