I haven’t updated my blog since forever. My bad. I can’t find anything to write about and I was so busy with my daughter and everything. 

Anyways, I just wanted to tell the whole world that….


Yes! We are expecting another one. As of this writing I am 26 weeks along. 

I was just so amazed with this pregnancy. With my first one, I had this condition called “incompetent cervix” and the doc had to stitch up my cervix just to prevent miscarriage. With this little one, everything is so smooth, except for mild spotting due to SCH which eventually went away with medications. 

A woman’s body never really ceases to amaze me. At first, I was so afraid to get pregnant again because of Incompetent Cervix, but still everything is turning out fine as we approach our 3rd trimester. 

I really hope everything’s well til our delivery. 

Our new baby arrived last week. I already know a bit of driving but never got to drive on a real road. So when this baby arrived, I was forced excited to learn again and take this gorgeous thing out on the road.

20141031 (112)

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IMG_5315-0.JPGI woke up this morning feeling a bit sad. I dreamt of my mom. It’s sad because she already passed away 8 years ago, and dreaming of her makes me miss her again. And I dream of her every time I am going through something.

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I realized I haven’t been writing about our new milestone – preschool!

This is very exciting for both of us. She’s so excited every time she goes to school. SHe always hugs her teachers everyday, she even looks for the. during weekends. And her behavior in the classroom, and at home, has improved a lot. Hindi na siya magulo sa classroom, she sits with her classmates and listens to her teacher. Before daw kasi she would just play or roam around the classroom. She can now even finish her seat works. She’s also more obedient now and ang laki ng improvement sa speech and interaction niya.  Read the rest of this entry »

Throwback Thursday: Fan Girl

Posted: September 25, 2014 in Everything Misang

Nung isang araw narinig ko sa radio ng neighbor namin yung “I Miss You Like Crazy” ng The Moffatts. Hala! Biglang naaalala ko lahat ng kabaliwan namin ng mga high school friends ko sa mga foreign boybands.

Marami akong kina-adikan nun: Hanson, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Boyzone, si Gil, etc. Pero pinakamalala ang The Moffatts.


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